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Indian Beatbox Championship is an official national championship of India which involves various beatbox battles. Experiencing a beatbox battle is no less than a hard rock event! We have seen pretty much everyone being awestruck by the energy of beatboxers, and the powerful performances. 

The champions selected from the IBC get to represent India internationally at World Beatbox Championship. There are five categories planned for the year 2022;  Solo, Tag Team, Loopstation – and for the first time, we have introduced a Crew category and JUNIOR Championship category as well.

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solo winners website 2.png


Solo battles are the most intense and the highlight of the Indian Beatbox Championship. The battle carries the most prestige and bragging rights. After all, only 1 person can claim to be the best beatboxer in a country of 1.3 billion. 


It's a spectacular experience to watch an intense battle between two opponents, throwing jaw-dropping beats at every second. Each battle is unique and will make you question the whole human throat anatomy!

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Do you know the phrase "little box, big surprise"? Well, the Juniors of India is full of otherworldly beatbox musical talent. The Gen-Z is prepared to take over the world of beatboxing as you will witness its emergence this year!

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Two beatboxers tagging along to battle against the other two. Well, that means double trouble!


When two beatboxers perform together, it's like watching an orchestra unfold. You'll see how a pair of beatboxers can generate beats, and melodies all at the same time and stay in sync. Prepared to be enthralled?

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For the first time in India, we are introducing the Crew battles for mouth musicians. 


In this category, a group of artists will come together to showcase their music only by using their voices and sounds produced from their mouths to present a full-fledged musical beatbox show of marvellous euphonies. This category of battle is similar to the battle of music bands, but with no instruments.

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This category is an absolute crowd favourite! Here, the beatboxers create a live track using the sounds and voice variations originating solely from their mouth (beatboxing, singing, other variations).


All the sounds are synced and captured using a looping device to create a live track designed to give goosebumps.

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